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1. The Programme

Republic Bank has partnered with the Business and People Development (BPD) Associates (“the Partners”), to provide access to the Entrepreneurs Business Builder (EBB) Programme (“the EBB Programme”). The EBB Programme created by BPD, is designed to support established women entrepreneurs within the Caribbean to help them build a Future-Proof, Profitable, and Sustainable Business. As part of the EBB Programme, participants are provided with the EBB online course materials, through a Learning Management System (LMS), and dedicated account managers to assist with the Participants’ banking needs. The Programme consists of a four-month self-paced online learning programme for 80 women with a minimum of 2 years of entrepreneurial experience with Republic Bank covering 80% of the cost.


The following agreement requires all Participants and the Partners of the EBB Programme to adhere to the terms and conditions herein for the EBB Programme. Each Participant confirms her acceptance to participate in the EBB Programme and to be guided by this Agreement by clicking on the “Agree” button at the end of the Agreement.

2. Duration

This Agreement shall be in effect for the duration of the four (4) month programme from Thursday June 15, 2023 to October 31, 2023.

3. Payment

The total cost of the EBB Programme is One Thousand, Nine Hundred and Ninety-Seven United States Dollars (USD $1,997). It is agreed that the Participant shall pay twenty percent (20%) of the total cost amounting to Three Hundred and Seventy United States dollars (USD $370.00) or the local currency equivalent, and Republic Bank shall pay eighty percent (80%) of the total cost amounting to One Thousand,Six Hundred and Twenty-Seven United States dollars (USD $1,627) or the local currency equivalent.


The 20% to be paid by the Participant is to be completed using the Republic EPay platform (Online Payment).

4. Role and Responsibilities of the Participant

The Participant of the EBB Programme agrees to the following:

  • To complete 100 hours of study, via a self-paced online learning platform comprising, videos, quizzes, reading material, assignments, document submissions and other exercises included in the EBB Programme and also attend the 5 live virtual group sessions.
  • To have access to an electronic device such as a computer or tablet that can connect to a reliable internet source to access and participate in the EBB Programme.

  • To act on strategies or suggestions offered during the EBB Programme but to use one’s personal discretion when applying any strategies or suggestions that are relevant and applicable to the Participant’s specific business, and to test these concepts or ideas to determine what works best for the Participant’s specific business.
  • To not hold any member or facilitator of the EBB Programme responsible for any implications resulting from the Participant applying strategies or suggestions given through the EBB Programme.
  • To offer honest feedback which includes giving praise and suggestions on how to improve to fellow Participants, programme coordinators and so forth.
  • To accept that if at any time the Participant fails to recognise her commitment to any of the above, a programme coordinator can point it out, and the Participant will work on the areas highlighted to realign to the Participant’s commitment to the EBB Programme.
  • To watch all videos, complete all required submissions via LMS – all assignments, strategy map, 2 profit and loss budgets, 2 business diagnostics, business model canvas and operational plan must be completed to be awarded with a certificate of completion of the EBB Programme.

5. Role and Responsibilities of the EBB Programme Partners

The EBB Programme Partners agree to the following:

  • To contract speakers for the EBB Programme that are experienced and knowledgeable in their respective fields who are to support the Participants by sharing their expertise.

6. Intellectual Property

The Participant accepts that the Facilitators of the EBB Programme have the right to document the contact sessions which may include image taking. Any images taken by the Facilitators are deemed the property of the Facilitators.


The Participant agrees to not use any of the content of the EBB Programme for commercial use.


As part of the Participant’s acceptance to the EBB Programme, a waiver and release with the EBB Programme Partners must be signed to form part of this Agreement.

7. Settlement of disputes

In the event of disputes between the parties relating to the terms of this Agreement, the parties shall use their best endeavours to settle the matter by conciliation and mediation. Where this fails, the parties reserve the right to pursue all available legal remedies.

8. Notices and Communication

All notices for this Agreement and the EBB Programme shall be communicated by email. Both Parties agree to acknowledge receipt of communication by the end of the following workday.

9. Termination of Contract

Subject to clause 7, fourteen (14) calendar days written notice must be given by the Participant for termination of this Agreement. The EBB Programme Partners may consider partial refund of the Participant’s payment on a case-by-case basis on the condition that notice is given within the first month of the EBB Programme.

10. Final Provisions

This Contract is governed by and shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of Trinidad and Tobago.


If any terms of provisions of this Agreement shall be held illegal or unenforceable, the validity of the remaining portions shall not be affected.

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